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Beyond expert thread inspection, the service we built the company on, we provide planning, project management, as well as critical consultation and execution of all tubular-related services. We are the complete tubular consultant throughout the process, whether on land, the shelves of the Gulf of Mexico, or in Deepwater environments around the world. We employ field operatives who have extensive experience in not only the requirements of most OEMs, but also of the production and safety processes of each type of rig, drillship and reservoir. Our expertise is especially beneficial on deepwater jobs, where the depths and high pressures magnify the importance of extreme accuracy and precision. It is this depth of understanding and know-how that makes us a preferred contractor of ISNetworld.

International Work

Tubular Solutions is also a desired partner when drilling in international waters. One of the benefits of working with us is the broad knowledge and expertise of our team in the field. Not only are we well versed in the specifications and requirements of specific OEMs, we are also experts in all tubular running processes. What's more, we are experienced with the safety and operation of rigs and drillships. We can be an invaluable resource to local crews, and in fact, can provide training to any and all crew members on such jobs.

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Whether you have a specific service need or would like a partner who handles all your tubular needs, consult with us for the ideal solution for your job.

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Wherever your job takes you, wherever you need tubulars inspected, measured, prepped and run, you can be confident Tubular Solutions will deliver efficiently and without fail.

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