End-to-End Tubular Solutions

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Inspection and Measurement

After running 100 million feet of tubulars, our customers have experienced zero failures. No one is better at identifying and documenting thread damage. Our laser tally verification process is the most cost-effective and precise in the industry. Torque monitoring and ID caliper efforts yield similar results. We provide a Field Service Report that documents all activity on a project. This holds all vendors accountable and provides a timeline of events to capture lessons learned, track non-productive time (NPT) and implement efficieny gains.

Third Party Monitoring

Our vast experience with all tubular processes, OEM requirements and drilling environments makes us a leading provider of Third Party Monitoring services to customers throughout the oil and gas industry. Our personnel is trained to own each project, and every aspect of the job is thoroughly documented from start to finish, right down to personnel certifications and equipment calibrations.

Total Tubular Management System (TTMS)

At Tubular Solutions we employ proprietary software that allows us to track and record all phases of OCTG management. It's called TTMS, and it saves you time, reduces costs, trims personnel requirements and boosts your bottom line. Tubulars required for a well are digitally inspected, laser tallied and ID calipered. They are prepped for shipment and every joint is given a serial number. In fact, the specs for your entire tubular inventory are stored in a database. Yard location is stored for planning and logistical purposes.  All inventory is verified on 90-day inspection intervals, and alerts are automatically generated when re-inspection is due. This eliminates damage from long-term storage.


Tubular Solutions offers training classes and seminars on all facets of tubular running and handling. These are available weekly at our facilities, or on-demand for anyone in the O&G industry. We work with the tubular running provider to assure all procedures are clear and understood by everyone on the team during the project planning phase. Training is then on-going throughout the life of the project to help eliminate non-productive time and any tubular deployment issues.

Technology Development

We consistently invest in R&D. We have developed proprietary software that harnesses tubular data in a variety of ways, and achieves unprecedented efficiencies via project management. Most recently we have designed a tool that will change the way thread inspection is done forever. And our innovation team is only getting warmed up.

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