Digital Thread Inspection

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Digital Thread Inspection

TSI’s innovative DTI System utilizes digital imaging to validate all attributes of a tubular’s connection, verifying it against the standard for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This method delivers a more accurate, consistent and repeatable analysis of each connector. DTI makes several processes – thread inspection, laser tally and ID caliper – much more efficient. By providing an immediate and permanent digital record of measurements as well as any flaws, transparency is achieved and all parties on the job are held accountable.

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DTI Isn’t Just Accurate, It’s Smart

Our DTI system employs custom-designed software that doesn’t merely collect data. It continually learns as more data is captured. It is also equipped with proprietary comparison software that verifies connection attributes against OEM and API standards. It self-centers, auto-focuses and aligns itself in the tubular, conveniently and efficiently ensuring accuracy. And if that's not enough, this one-of-a-kind tool also captures tubular length and ID measurements, further improving your team's efficiency.

Engineered for Versatility

This ingenious tool can do a variety of things, in a variety of places. The tool has multiple versions and employs 4-point stabilization to accommodate a wide range of sizes, from 3 1/2” OD to 22” OD tubulars. The tool is mobile and can be operated on a laptop wherever the tubulars are: pipe yards, mills, remote locations, etc.

These Eyes See All

The DTI tool is equipped with multiple digital cameras that provide complete coverage of connection attributes. Controlled lighting is built into the camera providing clear images. The device captures six (6) images per joint, covering the entirety of both the box and pin ends. Images are displayed at a control station, typically a local laptop, and can be shared virtually anywhere. Since the tool is compatible with GSM, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and satellite networks, a customer can see what we’re seeing on site, even if they are in the next county or on the next continent.

When Flaws Are Found

When anomalies are detected they are highlighted with a corresponding degree mark located above the image captured. A senior technical field service supervisor will analyze the flaws and the tubular with either be repaired or rejected. They will either be rejected or repaired in accordance with OEM specifications. Any repairs will be re-scanned to verify the anomalies have been removed, and the product now meets OEM requirements. All data received is automatically stored, so any information on any single tubular is available in a database.

Laser Tally and ID Caliper

The new technology is a game-changer for thread inspection, but it can also make a significant impact for laser tally and ID caliper processes. One person can use the new tool for all three services, helping you save on man-hours.

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Custom Solutions

We highly recommend partnering with us for all your tubular needs. But you may have some or most of those tasks already assigned. But for anything else, we are ready and eager to put together a package of services you still need to fulfill.

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Put DTI to Work for You

Digital thread inspection is a game-changer, affecting a variety of critical tasks, and potentially saving time, money and manpower. So talk to us about putting it in action on your projects, and don't get left behind.

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